Bob Moses - Far From The Tree EP

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  • Canadians seem to have cornered the market for intelligent electronica with overt house influences. OK, so Bob Moses, AKA Jimmy Valance and Tom Howie, are based in New York now, but the promise shown 12 months ago on their Scissor & Thread debut is maintained and then some on the Far From The Tree EP. These five tracks share the same familial sense of ennui, space and rawness. There is more than a hint of Danish experimentalist Uffe on "Far From The Tree," with Howie's stuttering vocals repeating the track name to the accompaniment of portentous synths and crunchy, atmospheric sprinklings. The creeping motorik groove and languid vocal delivery on "Winter's Song" call to mind Bob Moses's compatriots Junior Boys, while "All I Want" is the closest to a traditional dance floor moment on the EP—although Valance and Howie wade through a treacly mass of plaintive bass drops and synth vibes before it reaches its climax of ping-ponging beats. "Interloper" is an itchy, dark house instrumental, splattered with interesting percussive elements and a glacial finish. The EP closes on the psych-tinged, Deerhunter-slanted electronica of "Stealing Fire." Hankering for some moody, post-club music that doesn't totally expunge the fire within? Bob Moses might just be your men.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Far From The Treee A2 Winters Song B1 All I Want B2 Interloper Digital: Stealing Fire