Aster - Cielo

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  • This latest offering from Barcelona's heroically creative Hivern Discs finds JMII and Pettre, AKA Aster, sounding more straightforwardly housey than they did on their other EP for the label, last year's Danza. "Cielo" is built on clean beats, sweeping strings and a classic house piano line. A distorted vocal loop, taken from the British rave culture documentary High On Hope, completes a brew that's sure to please fans of Bicep, who contribute two remixes. Both reworks have been in the pipeline long enough to have featured on the Northern Irish pair's "unreleased traxx" Beats In Space mix nearly a year ago, with "Bicep Remix II" given the unofficial title (by me) of "that amazing one with the 'ooh baby' vocal sample." A thumping bass drum, celestial pads and that echoing vocal snippet coalesce into a nailed-on seven minutes of mid-'90s house bliss. "Bicep Remix I" blends tottering bass, a rangy background synth and racing hats to create a differently pitched but no less floor-ready beast.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Cielo A2 Cielo (Bicep Remix II) B Cielo (Bicep Remix I)