Cyril Hahn - Perfect Form

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  • Cyril Hahn has toured the world and signed to PMR off the back of a single R&B edit. And while we won't debate the merits of the "Say My Name" remix here, it wasn't terribly distinctive. On the Vancouver-based producer's SoundCloud and you'll find plenty of other ethereal bootlegs, and until very recently no originals. Perfect Form is Hahn's debut EP, which fans have been waiting almost a year for. We know by now that he has a good ear for the crystalline, easy listening stuff. Even with a title like "Raw Cut," you won't find any rough edges here. A plain house track overtaken by pillowy synths and an urgent synth riff, with its nondescript soul samples it's not unlike something you'd hear on a generic UK house label two years ago—passable, but hardly impressive. "Perfect Form" lays out his appeal more clearly. Though it's centered around '90s chord stabs, they're so polished that they're just another silken thread in Hahn's loom of shimmering textures. Shrouding a competent (if you ignore the lyrics) vocal from Shy Girls in intense reverb, the whole thing has a lovesick feel that's hard not to get sucked into despite its cloying nature. Two uninspired reworks from No Artificial Colours and Henry Krinkle, the former turning it into a bass-heavy tech house number and the latter slowing it down, remove the crucial fluttery feeling, don't do much more than put Hahn's original in a flattering new light.
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      01. Perfect Form feat. Shy Girls 02. Raw Cut 03. Perfect Form feat. Shy Girls (Henry Krinkle Remix) 04. Perfect Form feat. Shy Girls (No Artificial Colours Remix)