Mano Le Tough - Changing Days Remixes

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  • Niall Mannion's vocals on his recent debut album, Changing Days, were divisive. The sun-kissed melancholy of his earlier productions remained, but with the addition of Mannion's limited croon. These remixes, based on tracks from the Irish producer's album, suffer from a similar over-reliance on his vocals for emotional impact, which isn't helped by the workmanlike efforts of the three contributors. Tale of Us rework "Primitive People" into a snowfall of chiming accents, recalling a nursery rhyme until a serrated bassline make a welcome appearance. It's structurally similar to Dixon's remix of "Everything You've Done Before," building in sonority before the introduction of Mannion's voice at the midway point. Despite the talkative synth squelches and reverberant percussion in both remixes, the long instrumental intros deflate when Mannion first enters, despite his voice being the intended peak. Fellow Irish producer New Jackson fares better, draining the melancholy of "Please" into a soulful shuffle and processing the repetition of the title over cowbell, chintzy synth and a predictable lash of acid. It's not earth shaking, but it has the energy that's totally lacking elsewhere.
  • Tracklist
      A Primative People (Tale Of Us Remix) B1 Everything You've Done Before (Dixon Remix) B2 Please (New Jackson Remix)