Shed - The Dirt/Fluid 67

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  • Rene Pawlowitz breaks cover for the first time since his album last year for 50 Weapons with two more breakbeat techno missiles. In the past, others have theorized about why Shed productions are so effective, but the essence, surely, is that they tap into the serious dance music fan's nostalgic side without resorting to cliché. It also helps that they are often satisfyingly simple and easy to engage with. Take "The Dirt," for example—throbbing organ stabs, hissing percussion, concrete block kicks, and that's about it. There's a more overtly ravey swing to "Fluid 67," which rides a breakbeat straight out of the UK hardcore manual and a blitz of frantic, old school synths. Does it break new ground? Hardly—but who can blame Shed when he's dropping devastating weapons like these with such mastery.
  • Tracklist
      A The Dirt B Fluid 67