Radio Slave - Repeat Myself

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  • Since it launched last year, Spencer Parker's Work Them Records has put out excellent music from Dana Ruh, Pittsburgh Track Authority and S:VT. Its ninth release is a jacking track from Parker's long-time friend Matt Edwards in his Radio Slave guise, with a superb cut that distils house music down to its bare essentials. "Repeat Myself" revolves around sparse percussion and mumbling subs, its blocky hits and concealed hats and shakers paring back to an elemental groove. The titular vocal then emerges, looping as the parts shift in and out of focus. Its beauty lies in its simplicity and sinewy momentum. But it's Parker's "SPN-RMX" that arguably steals the show. Ramping the first word to the fore, booming kicks and sliding hats march beside a circular four-note phrase and a returning chord that, much like the original "Live Edit," plays on rhythm and form and underscores the vocal's power to hypnotise.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Repeat Myself (Live Edit) A2 Repeat Myself (Accapella) B Repeat Myself (Spn-->Rmx)