Sei A - Blades of Brasil

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  • Turbo's Warehouse Series has seen two muscular EPs from Randomer and Gingy & Bordello so far. Its final edition comes from Scotsman Sei A, a smart match for the kind of no-bullshit techno the series has offered up so far. On Blades Of Brasil, however, Andy Graham presents three cuts that feel a little less straightforward their predecessors. Everything about the title track is unexpected, from its patient amble to its strange stereo imaging. Throwing around muffled vocals and found sounds, the almost painfully bright percussion is the only thing that doesn't sound totally submerged in water. And while it's no doubt intriguing to listen to, it's hard to imagine "Blades Of Brasil" doing any damage without a more proactive track chugging along underneath. "Swoon" packs a more typical techno oomph, but the pitched-down vocal samples awkwardly wrap around each bar like they can't keep up with its brisk pace. The poppy to-and-fro of "Made Of Something" rounds off the peculiar trio, hinging up and down on an infectious bassline that promises melodic decadence but fails to deliver it. Considering the series is meant for well-rounded bangers, the more eccentric touches on Blades Of Brasil lend it a surprisingly hesitant feel.
  • Tracklist
      01. Blades of Brasil 02. Swoon 03. Made of Something