Mix Mup - After The Job

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  • "You know, we never, ever, do nothin' nice and easy. We always do things nice and rough." As far as vocal snippets go, Mix Mup's use of Tina Turner is up there with Joy O's Source Direct sample and Blawan's twist on The Fugees in the Hinge Finger Book Of Memorable Samples. Though he's better known for his work with Kassem Mosse as KM/MM, Mix Mup is a seasoned producer, and he emerges from the shadows on this release for Will Bankhead and Joy Orbison's imprint. Lead track "After The Job" uses Turner's spoken word intro as the starting point for a clangourous, mutant workout that combines booming sub-bass hits, occasional crunchy kicks and Casio synths. It's strange and difficult and bores its way into your brain, with a clattering rhythm that's somewhere between techno and dub. The lyric could make it a kind of anthem for the type who hawkishly follow The Trilogy Tapes blog or plan their annual vacations around Unsound festival. "Copa Jams" is more straightforward: swinging from the off, spacious claps and cicada-like hats form the rhythmic backbone while synthetic strings swoop down, eventually giving way to a coarse industrial rhythm. "Doomed" is the most lo-fi of the lot. Propulsive drums clatter along, the brutal groove burying any other elements that try to scratch their way to the surface. "Bungalow" is the record's most sedate moment. Droplets of sound and distant chimes gently bounce across the stereo field. It's a tender techno lullaby that closes out another impressive addition to the Hinge Finger catalogue.
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      A1 After The Job A2 Copa Jams B1 Doomed B2 Bungalow