Hugh Mane - Spectra Sonics

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  • Running Back's latest single is by Hugh Mane. There's not much to say about the producer, as the press release—if it's to be believed—simply says that the music was brought to the label's attention via the DJHistory message board. Spectra Sonics's three original tracks were "made in the basement of an old tram station in a town that was probably London [in] 1990," and subsequently stored on vintage DAT. A rework of "Fukdemdiscoidkids" by Tuff City Kids (AKA Phillip Lauer and label boss Gerd Janson) occupies the A1. It's a raw, swung and bouncy drum track, and a suburb DJ tool. The pair's belting stop-start percussion makes it the most brazen cut on the EP, and a far cry from Hugh Mane's originals. "Back Life" and "Hard To Finish If You're Finish" are summery and low-key warm-up fodder, both making use of pleasant and inoffensive melodies. Closer "My Midi Is A Mess" is the most contemporary-sounding effort, its thick analogue bass giving it solid dance floor appeal.
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      A1 Fukdemdiscoidkids (Tuff City Kids Edit) A2 Back Life B1 Hard To Finish If You're Finish B2 My Midi