Developer / Truncate - Parallel Series 4

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  • The concept for the Parallel Series on Luke Slater's Mote-Evolver is simple enough: bring together two producers whose works will contrast and complement each other. Following contributions from the likes of Shifted and ASC, Parallel Series 4 brings together Truncate and Developer, two heavy hitters in the LA techno scene, for an EP that embraces Mote-Evolver's brisk and alien sound signature without distinguishing itself as a series standout. Developer's contributions are subdued, bubbling with potential energy without ever coming to a boil. "Random Attractions" has a loping synth line that could have come from Planetary Assaults Systems, evolving gradually over ricocheting shakers and a mumbling bassline. "Drive Theme" starts with similar functionality but quickly bursts with gaseous noise and nervous exhales, while a muted piano chord dances in halfway through, offering a refreshing break from an otherwise monochrome production. The titular question of Truncate's "Is It Skinny?" starts as a whisper and then loses intelligibility. There's a short acid croak and minute shifts in the frantic hi-hats, which pant like they're out of breath from so much movement. Kettledrums clang over synth echoes throughout "Fourty Four." Though removed from the techno Truncate typically pushes at his Droid Behavior parties, it's a funky new direction, melodic and battered in equal measure.
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      A1 Developer - Random Attractions Developer A2 Developer - Drive Themes B1 Truncate - Is It Skinny B2 Truncate - Fourty Four