Eric Copeland - Masterbater

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  • Though still widely associated with the label, experimental eardrum-rattlers Black Dice haven't actually put anything out on DFA since 2006. This one-track limited vinyl release and just-released solo LP Joke In The Hole mark band member Eric Copeland's return to the label. Both offer a fresh, psychedelic take on Black Dice's trademark noise motifs. At over 11 minutes long, "Masterbater" unfolds over several acts. It's characterised by Arthur Russell-ish warped guitar chords and discordant percussion. Looped snippets from FM radio that recall Akufen's cut-and-paste explorations mesh with meditative guitar lines, wistful vocal harmonies and punching drums. It's crammed with ideas but is a genuinely enjoyable listen—and there's plenty more where it came from on Joke In The Hole.
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      A1 Masterbater