Tom Trago - The Light Fantastic Album Sampler

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  • In the lead-up to his third long-player, The Light Fantastic, on Rush Hour, Tom Trago has dropped a three-track sampler. "Two Together" and "True Friends" are taken from the album, and they show Trago in good form. The former is the pick, combining a driving kick with horns and filters that would do DJ Sneak proud. With an extremely short, no frills-breakdown—the only respite across its six minutes—it's guaranteed to do damage on dance floors. The two B-sides have a more modern slant than the A. "True Friends" employs vocoder vocals and synth stabs over a murky low-end. It seems that keeping feet moving isn't a priority, as the kick spends most of its time buried under a collage of attention-grabbing samples. Closer "Avenido" oozes quality, its percussion and thick, rolling bass giving it a uniqueness not seen elsewhere on the release.
  • Tracklist
      A Two Together B1 True Friends B2 Aviendo