Stingray313 - NKKtwo_2 / NKKK4_2

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  • Detroit's Sherard Ingram is probably best known as the founder of Urban Tribe. But solo, across a string of aliases, he's been peddling his brand of post-Drexciya electro and techno for some time. And while trends may come and go, Ingram's sonic aesthetic remains as consistent and compelling as ever. In recent years the balaclava-clad producer has discovered like minds across the pond, releasing a clutch of singles on Unknown To The Unknown and [Nakedlunch]. The latter, in particular, has proved a good fit: 2010's Sphere Of Influence saw Ingram on fine form, and sat comfortably alongside releases from Boddika and Trevino. NKKtwo_2 / NKKK4_2 marks Ingram's return to the label. "NKKK4_2" has the whipcrack snares and metallic synth work we've come to expect from Stingray, but they're rehoused in a rain-swept dub techno chassis. The result is a gently undulating piece of techno hypnotism that's not quite Ingram's usual gear, but is exceedingly gorgeous nonetheless. "NKKtwo_2" returns to that familiar quickstepping halftime, but is similarly subdued. Sure, the percussion is typically restless, but a ponderous bassline and exquisite sheet-glass synth notes bleed out any residual aggression. The results are sumptuous in the extreme—this is Detroit futurism at its finest.
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      A NKKtwo_2 B NKKK4_2