S/SS - Sicario De Dios

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  • Jealous God, the label and collective founded by Regis, Silent Servant and James Ruskin, bundles its first release with a booklet of Romantic-ish religious iconography and a terse manifesto that declares, "We are not here to advocate religion but rather to advocate visual symbolism." It's a mission that feels irrelevant to Jealous God's first release, though, a record that's far more aurally functional than visually symbolic. On Sicario De Dios, Silent Servant and Svreca, recording as S/SS, pair two lengthy techno tracks with short drone pieces. "Siglo 2" is thick with meaty percussion. Gaseous puffs punctuate the jackboot drums like a valve emitting noxious gas, and cold plumes of noise lend a strange menace. Galloping drums are also the focal point of "Siglo 4," whose austere groove is sustained for several minutes before it eventually dissipates in a fug of ambience. The short tracks are evocative and complement the tools well. A blast of white noise upheaves the introspective drone in "Siglo 1." "Siglo 3" is more eerie, with alien beeps percolating through the ambient chill to unnerving effect.
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      A1 Siglo 1 A2 Siglo 2 B1 Siglo 3 B2 Siglo 4