Mark Pritchard - Ghosts

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  • Mark Pritchard is no stranger to the zeitgeist. As well as the old-guard IDM he made as Harmonic 33 and Harmonic 313, his discography takes in melodic ambient music as half of Global Communication, a hybrid of pretty much everything as Africa Hitech with Steve Spacek, and releases as Troubleman, NY Connection, M. Meecham and more. Having skirted around footwork as Africa Hitech, Pritchard's current preoccupation with the genre comes as no surprise, though the choice to release under his own name—previously attached only to one-offs and remixes—does. Footwork-style drums puncture the chunky bassline of the title track like bullets. There's very little going on aside from a buried sample and that enormous bassline, so the beats—which are exquisite—can shine. Still, a seven-minute club track needs more variation. "Get Wyld" has just that, its beautiful eerie melody percolating through the swollen bassline and ticking snares, but a trap-ish pitched-down vocal is a strange choice that diminishes what would otherwise be a thrilling listen. The unashamedly fun "Manabadman" is the highlight. Double-time rhythms, 8-bit glitches and a manic, elastic bassline bounce around with indomitable energy, and the vocal version, featuring Spikey Tee, adds a dancehall touch that's all the better for it. Pritchard's technical ability is unimpeachable, and his blend of styles is beautifully executed, but Ghosts sounds so now that it makes you wonder who the real Mark Pritchard is.
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      A1 Manabadman feat. Spikey Tee A2 Ghosts B1 Duppies B2 Get Wyld