Wire People - Triangle Vision

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  • The online accessibility of music and software has drastically lowered the age at which producers start dabbling with dance sounds. Like Disclosure, Happa and Bondax, Wire People picked up their synths before they were allowed to set in foot in a club. But where their contemporaries have opted for all that's low-slung and stepping, this debut single from the trio of Winchester 18-year-olds is more wide-reaching, channelling 20:20 Soundsystem and the ethereal techno-pop of late '00s Kompakt. "Triangle Vision" swirls its guitar loops around a mournful vocal from Jacob Wiltshire (his Hypercolour label-mate Bareskin handles drums and keys), while swampy bass chords boom below. It brings to mind the warm, swaddling sweeps of Michael Mayer's Mantasy, suited to Balearic beaches at sundown but with enough thump to work after dark, too. Tom Demac completes the Hypercolour love-in by dialling up the dread on his remix. Far-off machines clank, pitched-down vocals appear from nowhere, and pizzicato strings squeal. Though it's less ravey than his recent work with Glimpse, it channels the same sense of bleary-eyed, early morning sleaze.
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      01. Triangle Vision 02. Triangle Vision (Tom Demac Remix)