John Daly - One More City

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  • Never one to stick with a genre and milk it, for the past couple of years John Daly's music has floated between nu disco, classic deep house and Detroit-leaning techno. We mostly get the latter on his new EP for secretsundaze. In the case of "One More City," it takes the form of a shuddering, frenetic bassline that's offset by subtle slaps of conga and mellow pads. Its prize asset, however, is the blasts of UR-style pianos that pepper the track. Daly adopts a more plaintive approach on "This Time." There are more congas, pushed higher up into the mix, shifting the focus to something more tribal. It cruises at around 120 BPM but a woozy, meandering synth line—clearly a product of Daly's jamming-style approach to recording—makes it feel far more restrained than its speed would suggest. "Weightless" is the deepest, most off-kilter of the trio. A winding bassline and unhurried chords, deployed like gusts of wind, provide a fitting final flourish to an elegant EP.
  • Tracklist
      A One More City B1 This Time B2 Weightless