Ital - Workshop 18

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  • In recent years, Brooklyn-based producer Daniel Martin-McCormick has revealed himself as an effortlessly multi-faceted talent. With previous lives as the singer in hardcore band Black Eyes and as dark synth pop artist Sex Worker, and his membership of electro-punk duo Mi Ami very much on going, Martin-McCormick clearly isn't short on ideas. On Hive Mind and Dream On, his two 2012 solo LPs for Planet Mu as Ital, he explored both woozy zone-outs and dance floor-friendly styles. On this EP for Berlin's Workshop he returns to the hypnotic house of his early Ital releases. "Ice Drift (Stalker Mix)" is a gently oscillating mix of high synth tones, bass and clicking percussion that pulses towards a subtle climax. "Pulsed" sets off a little more quickly and unfolds as a mesmeric, muted slice of minimal techno, while "Slower Degrees Of Separation" clanks and wafts fitfully in the middle-distance for the best part of ten very spacey minutes. This is an accomplished and uncluttered EP that should leave you eager to hear where Ital goes next.
  • Tracklist
      A Ice Drift (Stalker Mix) B1 Pulsed B2 Slower Degrees Of Separation