Various - Polar Inertia Remixed

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  • Polar Inertia first appeared on the steady rising Parisian label DEMENT3D last year, with the shadowy group contextualizing their deep, dark productions with thrilling sci-fi storytelling. Their output since those two EPs has included an appearance on an excellent DSCRD remix EP, but listeners may still be wondering what will come next for the research assistant and the "polar children" chronicled on last year's EPs. For now we'll have to be content with these three top-drawer remixes of their work. "Major Axis" is the project's most aggressive production, and it would be a tall task for a remixer to push it any harder. Wisely, Silent Servant smooths over some of the sharper edges with his version, replacing the original's main motif—a hair-raising shriek—with stuttered bellows and indiscernible, feedback-laced vocals. It's probably the record's best peak-time track. Francois X's remix of "The Last Vehicle," on the other hand, feels like a perfect set-opener. The DEMENT3D co-founder uses a spoken-word section to launch into a cut of rough, angular techno that doesn't let up until the very end. Abdulla Rashim's take on "Black Sun" is more difficult to classify. It could be the soundtrack to a frantic chase through a windswept forest—leaves rustling and unseen creatures cooing as you scurry past—though you'll have to be careful not to trip over the cleverly placed drops along the way. It's another wily effort from the Swedish producer, and it finishes a record that confirms DEMENT3D's status as one of today's most intriguing techno imprints.
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      A1 Polar Inertia – Major Axis (Silent Servant Remix) A2 Polar Inertia – The Last Vehicle (François X Remix) B Polar Inertia – Black Sun (Abdulla Rashim Remix)