Ten Walls - Gotham EP

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  • An Innervisions release around this time of year always commands attention. That practically nothing is known about its creator only adds to the intrigue. After the hits that were "Envision" in 2011 and "Howling" the following year, all eyes turn on Ten Walls' Gotham EP for 2013. As silky pads glide their way across brisk claps and a underlay of bass, "Epos" lends the release an air of refined class. Wispy jazz-lines echo their way across the tender frame, making this exactly the type of emotionally-charged house the label has made its own. "Moag," clocking in at 108 BPM, is even more serene, laying plump, rolling 303s over a dense bed of synths—think Tin Man or Donato Dozzy pitched at -8. As strong as both of these tracks are, neither will do half the damage of the title track. Thanks to lovably infectious synth-line and heavy scene-wide support (many labelled it the track of this year's Movement Festival in Detroit and Sónar in Barcelona), Innervisions look set to score a successive trio of summer anthems.
  • Tracklist
      A Gotham B1 Moag B2 Epos