Kirk Degiorgio presents SambaTek - The Remixes

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  • Veteran UK producer Kirk Degiorgio is heading back to Far Out Recordings with a new album project called SambaTek. According to the label, it will see him apply his techno sound to "classic samba drum breaks and organic percussive elements." Ahead of the LP, which is slated for release later in the year, we get the first of two advance remix EPs. Rick Wilhite offers two reinterpretations of "Babilonia," both of which are more reduced than his usual fare. DJs will opt for the A1 remix: atop a kick and pulsing bassline, there are dubbed-out chords, jittery hi-hats and a single echoed twang, all of which shift in and out of the mix without much fuss. The dub takes away the kick, relying instead on the bassline for propulsion, and adds some gritty textures with the chords occasionally flying loose. NX1's "Borel" remix shows off their assertive, atmospheric techno style. For me, it's easily the record's standout—a dense chunk of machine funk that should slot right into harder-edged sets. Spatial continues his shift from high-tempo dubstep to slower house and techno. The transition has yielded mixed results on occasion, as evidenced by this remix of "Morro Da Formiga." All in all though, it's a decent package that should help build some buzz before the SambaTek full-length.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Babilonia (Rick Wilhite Remix) A2 Babilonia (Rick Wilhite Dub) B1 Borel (NX1 Remix) B2 Morro De Formiga (Spatial Remix)