Dusky - Vanishing Point

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  • Following the recent Nothing Else EP on Will Saul's Aus, Dusky switch to Ben Westbeech's Naked Naked. As usual with the London duo, the sound of early '90s US house is the stylistic theme, with the structural emphasis placed upon a loaded bassline. Perhaps what Untrue would have sounded like if Burial did kick-driven grooves, the title track marries splintered yearns with metropolis-by-night ambiance. Initially it feels like run-of-the-mill East Coast revivalism, but soon enough the infectious key-stabs become hard to resist. Similar to Swayzak's deeper output, "Truth Capital T" is a more tech-driven track that swirls a cooing female vox and cinematic dialogue around a jacking template. Dusky are certainly formulaic—and they're seemingly reluctant to move too far past their accessible signature sound. But what they do, they do well.
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      A Vanishing Point B Truth Capital T