Solomun - Yesnomaybe

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    14 Jun 2013
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    Resident Advisor
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    June 2013
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  • Surely only a serial groper would fail to see the problem with Solomun's "Yesnomaybe," a song that places the line, "Cos if a lady says no, she means yes," over a thudding tech house beat. Prior to that nugget, I'd thought "Summer's just beginning, I don't want it to end" was "Yesnomaybe"'s lyrical nadir, but it's nice to be surprised. Nothing about the Diynamic boss's first output on his own label in two years is subtle. Solomun's set out to fashion an Ibiza anthem, and in the process he's exorcised all the shades that made tracks like "Love Recycled," "Daddy's Jam" or his ubiquitous remix of "Around" so intriguing. Where those tracks slinked from the speakers and entwined you in melody, "Yesnomaybe" canters past, its details a blur. The three versions cover much the same ground, all stomping kick drums and big-room bass stabs. The original is the least inventive, relying on the vocal to do most of the work while snares clack away over sub pulses. The "Summer Began" mix is more inspired, with pitch-bent arps and an arms-aloft chord progression emerging in the breakdown. But it's the dub that should have most traction, the more exciting instrumental elements stitched together for an eight-minute assault of heads-down tech house. It's the not the anthem Solomun will have been hoping for, but no doubt it'll rattle a terrace or two.
  • Tracklist
      A1 YesNoMaybe A2 YesNoMaybe (Dub) B YesNoMaybe (Summer Began Mix)