Dubtribe Sound System - Baggage

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  • With names like Sunshine and Moonbeam you'd think that Dubtribe Sound System were way up in the clouds with the hippies! Well, not quite, although 'Baggage' is a suitably spaced out album to get horizontal to, or a record to turn to when you're after a bit of chilled, deep house. They save the best til last, with the pulsing pianos of 'Do It Now' their biggest anthem on here, but there's other cool soundscapes such as 'Shakertrance' and 'Raggatronique', where the dub flavourings come to the fore despite the dodgy title. Vocals are sweetly sung by Chantal, who occasionally gets a tad piercing if you're listening on headphones, and lyrics tend to be a cut above your average deep house fodder. Occasionally things become over sentimentalised, as in 'Rideline', but the picture is mostly cool keyboards, deep beats and warm, funky bass hooks the tap insistently at the part of your brain that remembers such tunes. A good record to massage a hangover with!
  • Tracklist
      1 Shakertrance 2 Freeway 3 Autosoul 4 This Is The Time 5 Raggatronic 6 Rideline 7 Nothing Is Impossible 8 The Rhythm In Your Mind 9 To Disco 10 Goin' Dancin 11 Make Me Stronger 12 Do It Now