Partyzan - Dancefloor Resistance

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  • Spank Rock, Avenue D and, more recently, Azealia Banks, all broke through with sexually coarse tracks. Partyzan—a collaboration between Rinse FM's Kwame "Funk Butcher" Safo and Jamal "Hardhouse" Banton—are the latest act to take the lewd route to notoriety. Similar to DJ Assault's "Ass-N-Titties" in both its simplistic arrangement and crude lyrics, "Beat That" layers two vocals loops over sparse and jacking drums. It runs for over six minutes, but much like Assault's homage to the female form in '97, it's only really suitable as a DJ tool for party sets. A radio edit follows, but without the vulgarity there's no real traction. "Mayfair Lady" is a classier affair that blurs the lines between Balearic disco and '90s two-step, and in stark contrast to its predecessor, it has plenty of versatility. After a stripped-down "DJ Tool" version, a Mosca-esque house roller called "Black Sand" completes the package.
  • Tracklist
      01. Beat That (Explicit Mix) 02. Beat That (Radio Mix) 03. Mayfair Lady 04. Mayfair Lady (DJ Tool) 05. Black Sand