Monday Night - Monday Night #2

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  • We're not exactly short on dusty analog house at the moment. But with his Monday Night Records project, Italian techno tinkerer Dario Tronchin, AKA Chevel, has found a way to make his grit stand out. Untitled and officially uncredited, the music on this second Monday Night Records release—mysterious and artfully ruffled—sounds like it arrived at your doorstep in a crumpled parcel without a return address. The grooves that underpin the sound design, though, couldn't be any more direct. So while the melodic ornamentations are fundamentally house, the tracks have the thrust of techno. The A1 sounds like a barnstormer—pounding drums, diva yowl—that's been entirely stripped of its innards. On the A2, you're stuck in the basement listening to pipes clanking while warm house chords play nearly out of earshot. The drumming grows more wildly intricate on the A3 but streamlines into insistent electro for the B1, where the melody has been scrambled into a blurry but pleasantly noisy throb. The final cut offers no real resolution, with overdriven drums once again keeping us at arm's length from an intriguing melody. But don't mistake disorientation for chilliness: the EP has a way of warmly drawing you in, even at its wooziest.
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      A1 Untitled A2 Untitled A3 Untitled B1 Untitled B2 Untitled