Federico Molinari - Pildoras

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  • Around 2008, Oslo were key purveyors of the prevalent stripped-back deep house sound, only to soon find themselves lost in a sea of change. Nevertheless, label bosses Nekes and Federico Molinari have kept at it, releasing steadily ever since. Pildoras arrives courtesy of the latter, his first EP since 2011 and Oslo's 2013 debut. Both the title track and "Vacas" very much adhere to Oslo's staple sound: long, loopy rollers with driving basslines at their core. Molinari uses the bass as an anchor, locking down a dynamic groove to give these cuts traction, while he adorns them with all manner of sonic bricolage. A mass of gated snares, high-pitched vocals and de-escalating stabs, "Pildoras" bumbles for a full eight minutes, seemingly unaware that it's overstayed its welcome. At over ten minutes, "Vacas" also drags, even though Molinari does inject some life into the bassline to try and keep things moving. These are well-produced and effective DJ tools, but it's unlikely they'll put Oslo back on the map.
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      A Pildoras B Vacas