Vaal - Mask (John Tejada / Sei A remixes)

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  • The shadowy Vaal hands his track "Mask" over to two of house and techno's more forward-thinking producers with mixed results. John Tejada's remix finds the American decorating the track with acid stylings and "Energy Flash" bass squiggles. It's technically accomplished, with a button-bright sheen, but it's overshadowed by Sei A's contribution. The Scotsman once again provides evidence he's one of the more intriguing (and underrated) production talents out there. It uses a riff that reminds you of the twisted refrain that made last year's "Hawk Tone" on Kompakt Extra such a headfuck. It sounds like a brass band fed psychoactive drugs, with percussion so raw it's almost primeval, and cavernous bass redolent of ILS' dark breakbeat classic "The Next Level." Vaal throws in an idiosyncratic version of his own. It's a windswept trudge across a frozen void, with the ping of raw toms setting the pace. But it's the Sei A remix that's really worth the entry fee.
  • Tracklist
      A Mask (John Tejada Remix) B1 Mask (Sei A Remix) B2 Mask (Vaal's Hut Remix)