Vester Koza - Out Of The Blue

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  • There's far more going on in Vester Koza's music than initially meets the ear, as RA's Steve Kerr suggested in his review of the London artist's debut EP from earlier this year. "What makes it so compelling is hard to pin down," he said. Comparatively little actually happens across the three tracks' extended lengths on this follow-up for his own Maslo label, at least in terms of narrative development. Changes tend to occur on the vertical axis, with tiny individual motifs swelling to dominate the mix before receding again. On "Out Of The Blue," tiny synth figures bubble, sub-divide and squirm in the muck like colonies of amoebae. Surface hiss and crackle seeps downwards like sand through an hourglass. Despite barely changing throughout, its ten minutes seem to pass in a heartbeat. "Beauty"'s handful of elements generate a great deal of impact—dubby vapour trails drift upwards, while the dialed-down beat is beset by cracks, claps and bleeps. This is music that doesn't simply reward but demands close and concentrated listening, the better to sink deep beneath its grainy surfaces. With that in mind, the extended length of these tracks is crucial to their appeal, allowing them space for sustained textural exploration.
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      A Out Of The Blue B1 Beauty B2 Far Away Dub
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