EOMAC - Spoock

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  • Throughout a solo career as EOMAC, Irishman Ian McDonnell has never produced a track as melodically twisted and hollowed-out as "Spoock." He has shown a light touch with garage (with mixed results) but this EP on Killekill is altogether more paranoid. "Spoock" is the centerpiece. Over a staticky kick drum, McDonnell stacks shrill, hyperventilating textures. The un-quantized progression is predictable, but that doesn't make its escalating thrust any less effective. Lucy's remix is more rickety, with a droning low-end and a breakdown that wheezes in the atmosphere. "Stylised And Desensitised" and "No Name" are equally iced-over, with stuttering vocal loops that more clearly recall EOMAC's past output.
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      A1 Spoock A2 Stylised & Desensitised B1 Spoock (Lucy Remix) B2 No Name