Glimpse - True South

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  • In the past 12 months, Glimpse has reinvented himself as a prime purveyor of big and brawny techno via the Dense & Pika project with Alex Jones. Chris Spero's first EP for Aus Music carries that group's Sasquatch-sized footprint, but lacks some the barreling momentum that makes that project's recent work so vital. "True South" sounds as if it's trying to be the biggest track of the year. All the elements are there: commanding kick drums, a repetitive vocal sample and a sleazy bassline. Everything is in its right place, and played at the right time it could make for quite a weapon; on its own terms, however, it never quite amounts to more than the sum of its parts. "L Plates" is more interesting, but it's hardly a club jam. It's robotic and thin as paper, like Kraftwerk at their most melodic. The pleasant diversion is made more palatable by a house rework from Tom Demac—the EP's best moment. The digital-only "Whiles," with its emphatic horn stabs, almost outdoes the A-side, while a remix of "True South" by London outfit Soul South Project doesn't do much, good or bad, to the original's sturdy thump.
  • Tracklist
      A True South B1 L Plates B2 L Plates (Tom Demac Remix) Digital: Whiles Digital: True South (Soul South Project)