Classixx - Holding On Remixes

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  • The original version of Classixx's "Holding On" indebted to Daft Punk, insistently repeating its schmaltzy hook over a foundation of elastic basslines and spirited keys. The LA duo bring in three remixers to dismantle their tightly-strung disco, and with at least one of them they outdo their original in the process. Parisian producer Lifelike makes a gorgeous velveteen spread out of the track, but waits too long to bring the vocal in, forcing it to fight with the gaudy synth chorus for attention. It tries hard to be anthemic, but lacks the hooky appeal of the original. Losoul goes down a similar route, but stretches "Holding On" into a shimmering eleven-minute odyssey. It's fellow LA denizen Jerome LOL who capitalizes on the song's chewy pop centre. Crafting one of his trademark slow-motion disco jams, its piano hits become lazy strokes of sun-dazed melody. Propped up by classic Jerome jazzy drums, the slowed-down vocal rides an emotional rollercoaster via sloping basslines, alternately forlorn and perky.
  • Tracklist
      01. Holding On (Lifelike Remix) 02. Holding On (Jerome LOL Remix) 03. Holding On (LoSoul Remix)