Reeko - Passage #17

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  • Juan Rico's name doesn't get bandied around half as much as it should for a guy who has been DJing and producing for a decade, as well as running several labels. But given the run of form he's had of late, he might be about to be paid his dues. As well as his excellent Peacetime 12-inch for Semantica last year under his Architectural moniker, Rico has been busy on his own Mental Disorder label, the fruits of which are on this exceptional four track EP. The bookends of the release are two more conventional techno tracks. The opener, "Passage 17.1.," is tough and glacial, in keeping with the sound of Luke Slater’s Mote-Evolver imprint, whereas the closer plays off its viscous bass injections and kick drum for a heavier, low-to-the-ground sound. But the real meat is in the middle. "Passage 17.2" is ripe with menace and atmospheric repetition, caught somewhere between Regis and Shifted, whereas the rollicking feel of "Passage 17.3" is almost trance at first. Rico's dubbier tendencies build to a slow and steady climax with the accompaniment of whiplash sounds, like an industrial techno equivalent of "Venus In Furs."
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      A1 Passage17.1 A2 Passage17.2 B1 Passage17.3 B2 Passage17.4