Galcher Lustwerk - Tape 22

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  • There are precious few facts to be gleaned about Galcher Lustwerk. The producer is based in Brooklyn—this we know—and was recently responsible for an excellent all-originals mix for Blowing Up The Workshop. This, the debut Lustwerk EP, appears on the young White Material label, responsible for releasing a pair of peaches from label owners (and equally unknown New Yorkers) Young Male and DJ Richard. In contrast to much of NYC's recent house music, these productions are beautifully crisp, clear, precise—a world away, it seems, from the punkish intensity of L.I.E.S. or the quasi-lo-fi haze of Anthony Naples. If anything, in their willingness to innovate within the limits of deep house convention, these tracks owe more to Black Jazz Consortium or Levon Vincent. Affiliations aside, this EP is, to put it simply, utterly dreamy: a quartet of coasting, seductive house tracks over which Lustwerk's languid raps depict a life of sun-bleached repose. "Tape 22" and "Soul Control" both unfold at a floor-friendly rate, their gorgeous pads and warm percussion nestled in a light bed of tape hiss. The appropriately named "Leisure" is even better, though it wraps up after a teasing three-and-a-half minutes. "Capabilities Survey," meanwhile, sees Lustwerk trade in the supine vibe for something slightly more confrontational. It works, but prettiness is what Lustwerk does best—and he does it far better than most.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Tape 22 A2 Leisure B1 Capabilities Survey B2 Soul Control