Raffertie - Build Me Up

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  • Ben "Raffertie" Stefanski is among a growing list of artists—FaltyDL, Slugabed, Machinedrum—who Ninja Tune has lifted from the Planet Mu roster. Stefanski signed with the label in 2011, after a couple of singles on Planet Mu, and has since seen his brand of electronic avant-soul supported heavily by the UK's Radio 1. Stefanski's third Ninja Tune release comprises four new tracks that introduce his own vocals. Lifted from his forthcoming album, the title track layers love letter emotion over an undercurrent of broken bass. Lullaby-like in structure and sensuous in tone, it's initially a touch mawkish, but soon the contrasting components gel with harmonious results. A melancholic cover of Hot Natured & Ali Love's "Benediction" follows in an equally delicate manner. It's not quite as absorbing as "Build Me Up," but the track's transformation into a dour soul number clearly showcases Stefanski's vision. A mournful collaboration entitled "Trust," with female vocalist YADi, falls flat but "Known"—a brooding arpeggio-propelled electronica track—completes the EP in the arresting fashion it began.
  • Tracklist
      01. Build Me Up 02. Benediction 03. Trust 04. Known