Mathias Kaden - Tentakle EP

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  • Original productions from Mathias Kaden have been somewhat thin on the ground of late, a relentless DJ schedule likely to be the primary reason. Instead, he's kept his production mojo rising with remixes. He returns here with a new six-track EP for Desolat. "Pitched" has a rollicking groove that's occasionally interrupted by increasingly frantic ambient passages. A more measured approach on "Troija" results in a fluid, rubbery rhythm, buttressed by snappy snares. "Demence" throws yowling acidic bass under an itchy hi-hat shuffle, while "Propeller" is the primary peak-time effort. A tough tempo eventually germinates from a wooshing breakdown before settling into a jacking groove with drum rolls and a pounding bassline. Kaden also includes a pair of minute-long FX tools, which understandably sound odd in isolation, like lost souls looking for the perfect beat. Five years ago Kaden was very much of a minimalist bent—weren't most house producers?—but Tentakle suggests that he's left that frozen vista in favour of a more expansive approach.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Pitched A2 Troija A3 FX Tool 01 B1 Demence B2 Propeller B3 FX Tool 02