Chymera - Disc EP

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  • Having impressed with outings on Delsin, Cocoon and Ovum, Irish producer Brendan 'Chymera' Gregory returns to Dirt Crew. A winning combination of tricky arpeggiated synths, thumping toms and a riotous bass riff characterises "Disc." The synths phase in and out, allowing the bass to fill the void with thrilling intensity. "Valise" is a gentler affair, a stretched-out trot characterised by a nagging bass surge and sweet melodies. Gregory constructs some emotive interstellar techno with "Isa," throwing in some Nordic disco tropes for good measure. It's a record that yearns to be played at daybreak. Mark E pulls back the BPM on his remix of "Isa." The cosmic disco notes are bumped up to create a smouldering, slo-mo cut, with synths that curiously recall early Simple Minds. It's interesting, if not all-out exciting.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Disc A2 Valise B1 Isa B2 Isa (Mark E Remix)