Factory Aire - B.O.Y.

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  • Tin Man and JTC's releases on Shaddock Records suggested a state where one more cup of coffee would vault those behind the hardware from comfortably caffeinated to hyperactive. The newest offering, the debut 12-inch by Los Angeles-based Factory Aire, fully commits to the belching smokestack imagery of his name. A trio of remixes includes a fantastic acid house party-starter from Atom TM. "B.O.Y." centres around a magnetic synth line that's shackled to a synth pop kick-snare. Despite some whimsical flourishes, it's the most utilitarian of the four tracks. DJ Stingray adds incidental grumblings of the factory workers, as the main melody is mixed up in excess dust and metallic particles. Auxon's remix is ornate but sacrifices the bass progression, while a DayGlo rave piano thumps in search of a foundation. The clear winner comes from Atom TM, who throws kinks into the assembly line with a ramshackle, un-quantized drum pattern. The organic percussion is contrasted with the gaudy futurism of acid swells. It's totally raucous, wiping away the dust of the other remixes and making for a wonderfully heady display of peak-time playfulness.
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      A1 B.O.Y. B1 B.O.Y. (Atom TM Remix) A2 B.O.Y. (Stingray Remix) B2 B.O.Y. (Auxon Remix)