Container - Treatment

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  • Though the raging technoid explorations of Treatment are textbook Container, the EP also represents Ren Schofield's most diverse offering to date. It's a quality that announces itself right out the gate. The swirling motif fueling "Interior" might possess all the violence of a moon getting sucked into a black hole, yet never before has the producer sounded so psychedelic (pay attention to the microscopic blips and looped murmurs whizzing about the background—utterly maniacal). "Saturated," in contrast, betrays his roots in noise-rock, particularly when kick, toms and trebly scuzz-bass all crash through the 1:30 mark; their balance of robotic discipline and sweaty tribalism recalls human-drum-machine Brian Chippendale of Lightning Bolt. The eight-plus minute "Treatment" is, again, pure Container, yet it feels significantly more metallic and brittle than we're used to hearing. When he blows out the groove over the final three minutes, rather than slide in sonic goop (as per the usual), it actually manages to retain its architectural integrity, which only amplifies its overall immensity. The same can be said of closer "Obstruction." Amazingly enough, it's more cacophonous than its predecessor, and the definition its rhythmic scheme preserves as Schofield ratchets up the distortion and reverb to near-power electronics levels is startling.
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      A1 Interior A2 Saturated B1 Treatment B2 Obstruction