J. Tijn - Jack 2 EP

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  • Untold experienced a techno epiphany not so long ago, with his trio of Change In A Dynamic Environment EPs. And now the producer has made a further commitment to the sound by launching Pennyroyal, a home for no-frills techno with a UK flavour. Among the producers he referenced in that interview was the relatively unknown J. Tijn, an affiliate of Silkie and Quest's Anti-Social crew, and it's Tijn who kicks off Pennyroyal. Tijn first appeared on Turbo's New Jack Techno compilation last year with a track called "The Anti Mixdown." That release and the 2 Jack EP suggest he's unconcerned with sonic precision, favouring a raw, spontaneous sound reminiscent of grime. At points his mixes are simply too unpolished: the title track in particular, with layers piled on at maximum intensity, blends into a single muddy texture. Elsewhere, though, Tijn successfully finds the sweet spot between roughness and clarity. The excellently titled "Fucklebucks" deploys a broken-beat pattern and scorched industrial textures that could have been borrowed from British Murder Boys. The agitated semitonal bassline, though, is pure grime. "Hammerhoofd" is the best of the lot, a squelchy, streamlined killer of a track that ought to find admirers far beyond London's dance floors.
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      A Jack 2 B1 Fucklebucks B2 Hamerhoofd
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