Shifted - The Cold Light [Part 2/2]

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  • Shifted's music not only rewards but demands high volume. Each successive notch up the decibel scale reveals additional detail, like the finer textures of a magic eye picture gradually emerging into focus. The key components of "The Cold Light (Sektor C)" are simple enough, pairing a gut-punch of a kick drum with a machine-gun synth motif that blazes a straight line across the surface—enough to drive it forward with ruthless efficiency. Ostensibly it's dramatically different from his rust-gutted new project Covered In Sand, but as the track progresses the rough grain of its surroundings crackles to the fore, all circular saw grind, whipping wind and a mournful, near-melodic whine in the distance. A reverbed sonar ping is used to great effect as the central feature of "The Cold Light (Sektor D)." There's something about that particular sound that taps into some deep-seated human impulse, hinting toward sensations of loneliness and isolation. Here, each forlorn bleep sends echoes rebounding outwards into its furthest reaches, dragging dancers into the watery depths along with it.
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      A Cold Light (Sektor C) B Cold Light (Sektor D)