Chino - Early Days

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  • Jacek Sienkiewicz and Recognition Records have rarely featured music from others over the course of their rich 13-year history. Indeed, Varsovian Chino is only the seventh producer to be afforded the honour, launching the label's 2013 campaign with this meaty debut. Opener "Raw And Rugged" is exactly that, with Chino layering a raspy monologue on the nature of sampling over a body of roughly-hewn beats and dark metallic slashes. The speaker's quasi-robotic tone lends the track a hypnotic quality, while a pumping bassline underpins a danceable groove. "Estate" adopts the latter and places it within a cleaner frame, letting delicate melodies hover and skip over sturdy kicks. "Early Days" keeps to a similar course, remarrying bouncy basslines with dreamy soundscapes. At the second time of asking, however, it's a formula that comes across as slightly worn. On remix duty, Legowelt drops in with a typically engaging effort, seeing out Chino's encouraging debut in an emotive billow of stammering synths, fevered chimes and pounding rhythms.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Raw And Rugged A2 Estate B1 Early Days B2 Early Days (Legowelt Remix)