Pev - Aztec Chant / Livity

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  • Peverelist, Kowton and Asusu's Livity Sound has lain dormant in recent months, which is a shame given it's among the most exciting things in Bristol's current scene. While its aesthetic may be decidedly Bristolian—sombre, rhythmically complex, lots of sub-bass—it's the sum of three producers who are all brilliantly idiosyncratic in their own ways. Peverelist is the veteran of the three, having ridden the dubstep wave for a good few years before dropping to slower tempos. His recent output feels like a fluid continuation of his 140 BPM work—a blend of dubstep's frequency balance with the greyscale atmospheres of Berlin techno and a dash of jungle's rhythmic verve. Neither of these tracks is a huge leap forward so much as a consolidation of the sound Tom Ford been perfecting these past two years. "Aztec Chant" is typically Pev in structure, with discernible drops replaced by gradual accruals and dispersals of energy, presided over by a chest-crushing wall of sub-bass. Paired with skittering, swung breakbeats, it generates a tension that's left teasingly unresolved. "Livity" is brisker, its tart melodies reminiscent of his 2011 output (the track has been floating around since around then). It's an even more unsettled listen—but when have we ever looked to Pev for a smooth ride?
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      A Aztec Chant B Livity