Boddika & Joy Orbison / Kassem Mosse - Think and Change Album Sampler One

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  • Think and Change, the upcoming compilation on Nonplus, could prove to be one the biggest releases of 2013. Boddika's label is on the vanguard of UK club music these days, as you could probably tell from the collection's tracklist, which includes new material from artists like Four Tet and Pearson Sound, not to mention Joy Orbison's already ubiquitous "Big Room Tech House Dj Tool - TIP!" Arriving a couple of weeks before the full compilation, Think and Change Album Sampler One presents two new tracks Kassem Mosse and Joy Orbison & Boddika. The results are as strong as you'd expect. "Broken Patterns" might be the raviest track Kassem Mosse has ever produced. From the get-go it lurches with delirious intensity, its mechanized drums and frantic half-melody forming a loose membrane over a shapeless froth of noise. The A-side is more familiar territory. Boddika and Joy Orbison's "Mercy" came out last year on one of the duo's coveted SunkLo 12-inches, and "Boddika's VIP" mix has all of the same key details, but arranged in a way that's altogether more aggressive. Here that greasy, staccato hook is stretched out into a long and dramatic intro, and the drums stampede with ferocious energy. It's a showy and effective club banger that's still hard not to love.
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      A Boddika & Joy Orbison - Mercy (Boddika's VIP) B Kassem Mosse - Broken Patterns