Axel Boman - Black Magic Boman

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  • Following on from his contribution to Justus Köhncke's Timecode Remixe EP last month, Studio Barnhus co-founder Axel Boman delivers four typically leftfield house cuts for Hypercolour. Paced by a soft kick drum, "Television People" assembles slinky minimalism around a well-worked Moodymann-esque spoken word passage. "Cubic Mouth" is an equally deep, yet far more melodic, inclusion that while perhaps isn't as engaging, still delivers to complete a decent A-side. "Look What You've Done To Me" holds stylistic pattern but has more of a mid-'90s progressive feel, while the ill-fitting "Klinsmann" builds with euphoria and gospel claps, its mawkish male vocals making it the weakest inclusion by some margin.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Television People A2 Cubic Mouth B1 Look What You've Done To Me B2 Klinsmann