Friend Within - The Game

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  • The Game is the debut release from the anonymous Friend Within. The accompanying press release says that the producer is a close friend of the Dirtybird camp and that another single and a remix of Wildchild's '97 anthem "Renegade Master" are soon to follow. Laced in Castlemorton anarchy, the title track combines sub-bass buoyancy with tightly packed snare rolls and pattering rave stabs. Much like many of the updates on rave tropes, there's little of innovative note, but judged within its purposed context it undoubtedly delivers. "The Hollow" follows with more of a heads down club sound than anything too festival-focussed. Again, it's unlikely to be pinpointed by future generations as a defining moment of mind-blowing creativity, but its down-and-dirty thrust and speed-garage bassline are easy to love.
  • Tracklist
      01. The Game 02. The Hollow