A Sagittariun - A Transparent Mind

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  • The only thing we know for sure about A Sagittariun at this point is that his name has become synonymous with quality. Be it driving techno or deep house, there's a sophisticated ease about everything he does; the warm analogue glow of his productions doesn't hurt either. The fourth EP on his own Elastic Dreams imprint sees him stretch out just a little bit further, while firmly keeping hold of what made the first three such wonderful slabs of vinyl. "Eye Against Eye" starts forebodingly, but just when you think a straight kick is about to hit it launches into a dusty breakbeat, like a long lost Amon Tobin dubplate. It's striking to hear these sounds on a modern techno single, but the vamping chords against the slippery drums are as full-bodied as we've come to expect from him. UK producer Marco Bernardi provides two very strange remixes, both of which flatten out the track's rollicking roll. His "Elevated Reshape" puts a demented circus melody on top of the apocalyptic chords, while the choppy "Super Ninja Mix" is an almost unrecognizable thicket of slicing drums and blistering arpeggios. The other two tracks soften the "Eye Against Eye" curveball with classy techno. "Funky Archer" exemplifies Sagittariun's smooth cruise control, sprucing up bumpy deep house with some jacking hat/snare work. The low-end is as busy ever, which Aubrey reinforces for his soaring dub techno rework. "M54" is the EP's most restrained offering, dribbling globs of synth on a workmanlike thump in a a manner that perfectly recalls early Basic Channel.
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      A1 Eye Against Eye A2 Eye Against Eye (Marco Bernardi Elevated Reshape) B1 Funky Archer B2 Funky Archer (Aubrey Remix) Digital: M54