Justin Martin & Eats Everything - Feather Fight

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  • Forged in the heat of an intense week-long production session last November, two of house music's chirpier DJs, Justin Martin and Eats Everything, form a West Coast alliance (that's San Francisco, US and Bristol, UK), embarking on a quest to rinse out bass that'll rattle your plumbing. It takes off with a rising tone, eventually settling into a rapid orbit that encircles planet UKG. It's not an exercise in overt nostalgia, however; yes, there are some sped-up/pitched-down vocals and a warped "RIP Groove" bassline, but the transatlantic duo drop quaking 21st century bass throughout. Things take a sinister turn on "Harpy." The first two minutes build up with submarine-deep bass, emotive synths, a pinch of female vocal and—surprise—twinkling harp. And then they detonate the bass, exploding it into juddering dubstep-ish fragments, and embellishing it with foghorn blasts and frantic woodblock attacks. It sounds like the first fruits of a fine bromance.
  • Tracklist
      01. Feather Fight 02. Harpy