Swayzak - Fabric 11

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  • For the 11th instalment of the highly successful Fabric series, the lads from Farringdon call on the services of the duo known as Swayzak. The name Swayzak is probably more known for the electrifying productions that these lads have mustered over the years, however, the lads have done the business as DJ’s on the dancefloors of Fabric for many years now. The mix starts of with the echoing vocals of “Michael Jackson” by Negativland that smother the delicate bleeps and smooth drums of “Freedom Engine” by Matthew Johnson. The fantastic opening to this mix is really demonstrated by the beautiful strings and stunning aura of “White Cigarettes” by Konrad Black. Afuken make a great impact with the smooth sounds of “Skidoos” while the deep baselines and vocals ring with Luomo’s “Present Lover”. Rockers Hi Fi delight with a reggae inspired cut in “Push Push” while Mr Oizo produces another electro journey into bleeps and squeaks with “Flat 55”. MMM deliver a certain highlight to the mix with the sinister “Donna”, a combination of pounding beats and quirky electro synth patterns. Marz provides a melodic and epic conclusion to the mix with the cheerful “Bars 1,2,3,4”. This is a very unique and upbeat mix from Swayzak. It’s full of life, with tracks that don’t quite fit the norm, and as such is as interesting as many of the mixes that have appeared on the Fabric series. For those that like their music with a little edge, be sure to check this mix out. It will surely provide some great moments.
  • Tracklist
      1. Michael Jackson - Negativland 2. Freedom Engine - Matthew Johnson 3. White Cigarettes - Konrad Black 4. Skidoos - Akufen 5. Present Lover - Luomo 6. Hoping (Herbert Mix) - Louie Austen 7. What Does It Feel Like (Röyksopp Return The Sun Mix) - Felix Da Housecat 8. Push Push - Rockers Hi-Fi 9. Clap Slap featuring Ciccone Youth Me and Jill - Chicken Lips Presents Zeefungk 10. Losing My Edge - lcd soundsystem 11. Flat 55 - Mr Oizo 12. Donna - MMM 13. Orange Alert (DFA Mix) - Metro Area 14. One Of Our Submarines (Salz Mix) - Thomas Dolby with Salz 15. Bars 1, 2, 3, 4 - März