Dadub - Preternity Remixes

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  • In keeping with Dadub's originals from their forthcoming You Are Eternity album—all gaseous washes and indistinct shapes hinted at in the fog—these remixes are generally concerned with feelings of suspension and sensory disorientation, rather than visceral impact. Lucy's remix of "Death" is the most explicitly dub-wise of the four: it's grounded by a sooty four-to-the-floor kick drum, but its overall motion is more skank than stomp. Offbeat chord stabs cut crisp into the mix before echoing into the distance. Kangding Ray's "Existence" remix opens up a similarly vast space within which to operate—a galloping beat sounds as though it's skimming across the surface of a deep pool. Both have exquisitely beautiful sound design but don't really go anywhere as such, preferring to linger within the zones they've created for themselves. Lakker and Rrose offer more aggressive interpretations—theirs are soundworlds that buffet dancers from side to side, rather than drawing them along in the slipstream—and as such feel far more suited to club play. With snapping drums and midrange roaring like a furnace, Dublin duo Lakker's version of "Path" is intensely predatory, with each separate bar lurching forward on a screech of static as if bearing down on its victim. As the track progresses, delay and echo are applied more liberally, turning the high-end into a wheeling swarm of percussive clicks and pops. Next to three remixes defined by their intricacies, there's something pleasingly no-nonsense about Rrose's interpretation of "Life": it begins with a solitary kick and tapers away to nothing at its end, and in between locks into propulsive tunnelvision mode, the spell of perpetual motion only broken by moments when everything escalates to a searing peak before dropping back down again.
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      A1 Death (Lucy Remix) A2 Path (Lakker Remix) B1 Life (Rrose Remix) B2 Existence (Kangding Ray Remix)